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About online volunteering

Online volunteering is the last discover in the volunteering field. In this day and age, online volunteering allow us to stay in touch and help people in need remotely, saving both time and movements. Online volunteering can be made through a computer or a telephone, helping from wherever you are. This kind of volunteering is in constant evolution: video calls are now really common, but 5-10 years ago only the richest could afford those.


In the last 10 years MilanoAltruista work has been focussed on helping people to behave altruistically in the easiest possible way. In this moment there are many restrictions, however there are also many people in need, who can be encouraged and inspired by a simple altruistic action. Discover what you can do. Online volunteering is very real.

Our proposition

Online volunteering uses technology to help people remotely and do something for the society. You don’t need to be a hero to be an altruistic person: in this difficult time, supporting and connecting with people (via phone or video calls) is important.

Covid-19 emergency

Coronavirus emergency put us in a very difficult situation. However, helping others is not useful only for people who get helped, but also for the helpers. Many scientific studies show how behaving altruistically makes people happy and is useful to relieve stress. In this moment it’s important to unify, to escape this situation together, as an altruistic and united community. So it is important to keep volunteering, but doing it from your home, helping others but also yourself.


Taking part in online volunteering is very easy, starting from registering to the website. Then, you can visit the page about online volunteering activities and click on the most suitable one for you. Registering to an online project is simple: when you open the page of the activity you have chosen, you can find a calendar with the dates of the activity at the bottom of the page, choose your preferred date and click on the ‘Plus’ button. You will receive an automatic email shortly, confirming the application and reminding you that you will be contacted directly by the project organization in 72 hours to sort out the last details. Please be patient, some organizations are now struggling to answer promptly to the applications, please contact us if you have any problems. For further information about joining and registering please visit this page, otherwise you can click on the button below to check the online projects available now.

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