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Promote a social event

Are you organizing a fundraising, a charity event, a local festival, a lunch with other associations or a humanitarian event? Then, this page was written for you! We have decided to gather all events organized by the volunteering associations in one place, to make it easier for everyone to see the events and attend them.  This section is not active yet, but it will be in a few months; at the moment we are gathering as many events as possible to launch with section with a calendar full of events.

Please note that this section is only used to promote and advertise events, if you are searching for volunteers for a volunteering activity, please click here.

What you need to do

Spreading the words about your events it’s easy, you just need to send us all your advertising material (information, poster, banner, etc). We will share the material on our channels in a couple of days. We are still working on the social event section, so in the while all events will be advertised on our network and social channels.

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