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With MilanoAltruista you can find your volunteering activites in a few clicks and start immediately with us to make Milan a more supportive city!

What you can do

Top Priority Projects


Online lessons for literary, scientific subjects, languages

Associazione Angela Giorgetti Onlus is looking for volunteers who carry out school help in middle school children remotely (skype, zoom, whatsapp) for literary, scientific and language subjects. Commitment agrees on the basis of everyone’s needs, but generally in the afternoon.

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OVERSEAS - volunteer camps in the city

For the summer of 2020 the social cooperative Cascina Biblioteca, together with the Damatrà voluntary association, will offer voluntary camps in the social field, aimed at welcoming young people (and not so young!) Who have the desire to offer a contribution to the local community and at the same time live formative experiences.

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Our Projects

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Kaumatua is a project started by MilanoAltruista to help adults to share their knowledge and experience with the younger generations. Kaumatua aims to introduce a new intergenerational cooperation and solidarity system outside family and friends.



GenerazioneAltruista is MilanoAltruista section for the youngsters. Many organizations don’t accept young volunteers, especially minors, for bureaucratic reasons and insurance problems. We believe that the young generation is the beating heart of our future, so it is necessary to give them the chance to help out and volunteer.

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ItaliaAltruista is a network that helps the foundation of similar non-profit organisations in other Italian cities.  ItaliaAltruista offers its knowledge and experience to support the set up of other onlus with the same aim, make volunteering easy.


Increase the altruism

Join the team, we are waiting for you!

MilanoAltruista are always searching for new volunteers: with our two different types of tasks, you will never get bored! Our office offers free services to help out people and other organizations, or you can also work in the field, managing, coordinating and setting up projects.

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