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About MilanoAltruista

MilanoAltruista are set up as a volunteering organisation, an Onlus, registered at Runts (Unique National Register for the Third Sector). Founded by a group of friends in 2010, MilanoAltruista put in contact people who want to do something good and who needs them nearby Milan.

MilanoAltruista offer free services to associations, schools, clubs and people, helping to make the idea of a united and supportive city where everyone is linked coming true.

This idea came from a belief and a intention.

The belief: everyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter if someone can only volunteer for a couple of hours every now and then or they have a lot of free time, and it doesn’t even matter if someone is ready to face difficult situations and some others are not ready for that yet. Volunteering should always be part of everyone life, according to what everyone can do in that moment. So, it should be flexible, giving to everyone a chance to volunteer.

The intention: making volunteering as easy as possible. This means making volunteering projects easy to find and to do. We were inspired by Points of Lights, a network that MilanoAltruista joined and that operates worldwide spreading the idea of flexible volunteering.

In 2014 MilanoAltruista  founded ItaliaAltruista, the network for altruistic cities, with the same mission in different places (RomaAltruista, BolognAltruista, TriesteAltruista).

The association was created to help to take part in volunteering projects and help Milan and its associations. The core belief of MilanoAltruista is flexible volunteering, so a form of volunteering easy, immediate, accessible to everyone. That’s because MilanoAltruista mission is to spread volunteering values allowing everyone to take part in social activities, even people with little free time, or cannot guarantee regular attendance, or specific categories (such as minors or retirees), etc.

This happens with MilanoAltruista portal (www.milanoaltruista.org), where the association staff gather volunteering projects of other associations and organisations nearby Milan to make them easy to find for everyone.

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