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Help for non-profit organizations

MilanoAltruista help volunteering organizations as much as possible. As a result, we made some free services always available. We strongly believe in having stable and solid relations with everything that makes the city more supportive and united. We can help other organizations with our free services and we are also available to speak about every other project to support people in needs. You can find our contact in this page.

To request any of the services below, you need to partner with MilanoAltruista. Please keep in mind that your organization needs to insure the volunteers redirected by us according to the law.


Partner with MilanoAltruista

Join our non-profit network

Register your association to become our partner and request our free services whenever you want.

Promote a social event

Spread the word about your event

We are still working on a new section of the website where we will list all social events (charity party, local festivals, humanitarian events, etc)

Add a volunteer project

Request volunteers for virtual and non-virtual activities!

Send us information about your volunteering and virtual volunteering projects, after entering the requests, we will take care of everything, you will only have to contact the possible candidates!

Do you need a photographer?

High quality pictures for your organization

Request a professional or semi-professional photographer for your events, projects and to update your website or social media pages for free

Create a new volunteering project

Let’s organize something together

If you wish, you can request to organize a volunteering project with us, whether it is a whitewashing project, a collection, a maintenance operation or a neighborhood party, etc.

Do you need an object?

Did your printer break again?

Request any object you need, we will search for someone who is trying to donate it to an organization.