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Volunteering is really simple!

It is fundamental for us to provide the possibility to volunteer in a simple, quick and, easy way with just a few click.  MianoAltruista gather all volunteering projects of associations nearby Milan, grouping them in this website, simplifying the process to join a volunteering project. You need to register to the website, fill in the form and choose your favourite activity in the list. You can use the available filters to narrow down your research and discover projects in line with your interests, skills and availability. When you have find the most suitable project for you, open its link and register clicking on your preferred date.  Registering to a project is simple: when you open the page of the activity you have chosen, you can find a calendar with the dates of the activity at the bottom of the page, choose your preferred date and click on the ‘Plus’ button. Wait few seconds and it’s all done! Easy, isn’t it? If you want to change the date, click on the ‘Minus’ button that replaced the previous ‘Plus’ button. You will receive an automatic email shortly, confirming the application and reminding you that you will be contacted directly by the project organization in 72 hours to sort out the last details! Please note that at the bottom of some projects, it is written ‘The activities dates need to be agreed with the organization after the registration’. This means that those projects organizations need to agree the dates with you, so you cannot start volunteering on the same day you choose that project.

Some organizations struggle to answer promptly to the applications, especially in specific period. It is better to choose a starting date at least 3 or 4 days after your registration. If you don’t received any replies in 3 days, please be patient. If after another couple of days you haven’t received any replies, please contact us clicking here.

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