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How are projects born?

Volunteering projects are created when inside an association, a park, a neighborhood, a school there is a need. Regardless of the need nature, our aim is to satisfy it. It may be something such as searching for a volunteer who can work as a receptionist few days per week, or something as repainting the walls of a building. We are always looking for occasions to help, we strongly believe that our help shouldn’t be limited to specific activities, so please contact us to make your requests.

How we can help

We can help you in different ways. We constantly organize volunteering projects with companies, universities, churches and schools. As a result, we do have many groups of volunteers who can help for a day or a week, and often we can also cover the equipment costs. We don’t ask anything in return, but you need to be available for discussion in the planning and organization stages. Please contact us for any requests.