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In this day and age we are constantly surrounded by high quality images, so it is important to stay updated and gather high quality content in line with the current standard. As a result, we believe that it is important to give the chance to organizations to request a professional or semi-professional photographer to help out in various occasions depending on your needs for free. You can ask for their help for charity events, volunteering projects, Facebook calendars, or to add new content on your social networks, gather new material or anything else you may find useful.


It’s very easy, you just need to complete the form below filling in the required information. In this way, we will be able to contact our volunteer photographers to understand who is the most suitable for your request and organization also considering their availability. We will find a suitable photographer who will contact you to discuss the last details. Please try to book a photographer in advance, it usually takes around one or two weeks to find a photographer.

Other important information

This service is completely free, but we ask your collaboration to display the photographer name if possible and grant the photographer permission to use the pictures. Please also keep in mind that the photographer will need to be insured according to the law by the organization that requested the service. We suggest to organize an introductory meeting before the photoshoot.

You can find below two useful photo release forms that you can use and modify if you need them. The use of  photo release forms, as well as the draw of a contract between the organization and the photographer is decided by the organization.

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