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Ascolto Spazio Emozioni – platform to help keeping the right distance

Ascolto Spazio Emozioni is a project created by a counselling network. They have answered to the Covid-19 emergency with an activity to support the needs that are now affecting various aspects of our lives.  Believing that self containment, fundamental to protect ourselves, in the long term could cause a sense of loneliness, fear, uncertainty and discouragement, this counselling network has chosen to offer for free their professional expertise and personal competences to listen to people.

“Don’t limit your relationships, take some time to express your thoughts, emotions and feelings.”

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MilanoAltruista has decided to start a partnership with Ascolto Spazio Emozioni to support the people who are suffering the most in this emergency. We know that interpersonal relationships are fundamental in everyday life for the well-being and the personal growth of everyone. In this particular moment the mandatory self-isolation is challenging our habits and even doing the simplest things can seem hard to do. It’s exactly in this kind of situations that speaking with someone, as a point of contact between ourselves and the others, even with a phone call, can make a real difference.


If you know someone who may need this service, please send them the link to this page. If you need to speak with someone, send an email to spazioemozioni@gmail.com or click on the button below. After receiving your request,  Ascolto Spazio Emozioni will contact you directly to book a phone meeting.

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